Lara Anderson’s Clients Experiences


All clients by attending programs achieved a dramatic changes in their sexual life, such as increased confidence in lovemaking, expanded sensuality of their bodies, better understanding of their partner’s sexuality, skilful loving touch, higher sexual energy level in their bodies.

Couples whose sex life had stopped years ago, expressed desire to make love few times a week if not every day.

Single men and women grew more confident and active in searching for a life partner.


Criss (45) and Kate (42),  “we stopped being physically close long time ago, children, job…”

Dear Lara. Thank you very much for helping us take a very different attitude to sex. What we learnt really opened our eyes and opened in us new dimensions of love and devotion to each other. During the program we realised how much we really loved each other. Mainstream believe that sex should be spontaneous and not planned brought us to where we were before we met you. Your passion with which you worked with us made us fall in love with each other on a much deeper level. This is just a beginning and you have shown us the way. We both would like to continue to explore our sensuality deeper with your gentle guidance and will come on another set of sessions later this year. We feel there is much to learn from you and also it is good to refresh our knowledge in the special artistic atmosphere you create for couples. You have an amazing gift of teaching such delicate things…

Alison (36),  “me and my husband are on a journey of self discovery”

Thank you for a wonderful workshop on Tantric Sex. It was a very powerful for me and my husband. It helped me to understand our bodies and the energy. Your approach is so effective, it help my husband to feel more confident in sex. Before I did not know how to help him master his energy. Now I have a full understanding of art of synchronisation. It is amazing that we tried so many thing to help Bob not ejaculate too soon, but only the tools you taught us were really powerful! Because it is all about love but not just techniques. Your approach to sex teaching is what a lot of people need.


Matthew (53),  “ my wife had an affair, we are thinking about divorce but I love her”

I wanted to say big thank you for teaching me. I never thought how much I hurt my wife in the past by having sex just to orgasm. The concept of Tantric Sex is so deep! I can see how love can grow if partners practice Tantric Sex. I never could imagine that my wife would like me touching her again. You have helped me to restore some feelings in my wife towards me. She really enjoys my sensual massage. We still do not have sex. I still do not feel confident enough to operate with my energy. I need more time to learn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Sexual Skill is not what we are born with! Tantric Sex is a part of our nature. But! We need a guide to lead us into that part of us.