I am Lara Anderson,
the Tantric Sex Coach, the author of UNIMACY. 


Tantra helps marriages and relationships become stronger.

In a few steps a deeper lightness and the joy of intimate connection can be brought into your life.

I offer a unique original Tantric Sex Coaching. I work for couples of any nationality, background, age and sexual orientation.

I have created an original and very practical method of helping people become happy in their intimate relationships. This method is called Unimacy (Union + Intimacy) which includes Tantric and Taoist ideas as well as some other ideas influenced by science, medicine and other health related sources. Yet, most of ideas came from my own personal and work experiences. Unimacy contains a wide range of lovemaking techniques, the best to strengthen your relationship.


What if:


  • What if your partner was always happy to be intimate with you?
  • What if your partner was skilful in making you relaxed, loved and happy with every touch to your body?
  • What if you would always be happy to be intimate with your partner?
  • What if you were skilful in making your partner relaxed, loved and happy with every touch to his/her body?
  •  What if you and your partner always felt secure during intimacy?
  • What if you always trust that you are the only partner of your lover?
  • What if you and your partner are intimate every day?
  • What if after being intimate you and your partner felt more alive, energetic and happy to do anything for each other?

If this was your intimate relationship, how would you feel and what future would you have?


A recent couple said:

We are so happy that we have completed the program for a happy couple. We really did not have any problems with our intimate life in a conventional way but as professional people we often did not have time or energy for intimacy. You have changed our attitude to intimacy practice. Now we are loving each other physically every day! We have learned to not chase excitement. We are much deeper in love and have more energy for work.”


It could be that you ask yourself: 

  •  How to talk about intimacy with my partner?
  •  How to tell my partner what touch I want?
  •  How to make my body feel right during intimacy? 
  •  How to teach my partner what to do to my body?


Intimacy problems


Often they are just lack of skill! Like with dancing, or swimming, or playing a musical instrument.

People who are looking for a teacher on Tantra as a solution for their intimacy problems initially seek help with traditional therapists, GP, pornography or adult services.

  • Traditional counseling, GP, conventional therapists could not provide a real help when developing happy intimacy, because problems arise from the way partners interact physically. Graduated people still use an outdated model of sexual practice which is based just on physiological function of the body and simple reflex to orgasm. Psychosexual therapy can do a lot of harm to people as it points them in a wrong direction – their upbringing about sex, which is basically similar for all of us.
  • Group tantric workshops can teach actual intimate touch, but they more focused on traditional Tantra teaching which difficult to incorporate into real life. They are time and money consuming with no real help with intimacy problems.
  • Tantric massage therapists often are similar to adult services and do not teach men and women how to love each other. They in some way have contorted Tantric Principles and only provide pleasant pampering or exotic services.
  • Pornography and adult services are focused purely on physical relief and could damage attitude to intimacy even more.Where we need to go is to our own body and to the body of our partner. Yet, no universities teach how to touch, how actually do physical things creating feeling of love.

My work with you in solving intimacy problems is different: An Effective Individual Courses and Workshops.


These Courses and Workshops consist:

  •    Introduction a new philosophy of intimacy which creates more love, a stronger bond between partners and improves their erotic and overall health.
  • Help to understand intimacy problems deeper and to find ways of solving them though leaning Tantric and Unimacy tools.
  • Verbal consultations for men and women according to their experience.
  • Providing material to continue practicing at home.
  • Help to develop the skills of Tantric touch in a existing relationship or prepare for a future relationship.
  • Providing powerful tools to maintain Tantric and Unimacy practice at any stage of life.

Through understanding that most people never prepare themselves for intimacy, do not understand the meaning of intimate relationship in human life and know very little about loving, healthy and healing physical practice such as Tantric touch, I took this mission to help people of all ages discover how to lead loving, fulfilling intimate relationships throughout a lifetime. 


Why do you need Practical Guidance?

Can you learn to play piano by reading books or watching videos? How you can learn a simple activity like cycling by reading a book? Everything which requires a physical action has to be learned physically. The action of touching someone’s body is a very delicate one. To learn the right touch is as difficult as learning to play piano or ride a bike. Both require personal guidance and physical experience/practice.

Most people are not open about their bodies, they experience great difficulties to talk about their sensations. They need the third person to help them in this process of discovering what is the best for them.